Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama Surrenders in Afganistan

Several months ago, General McChrystal, the General that President Obama appointed to fight the war in Afghanistan, asked for an additional 40,000 - 60,000 troops to prevent defeat in Afghanistan. Obama, the Ditherer in Chief spent four months studying the request with his "National Security Team" while Americans were dying on the ground in Afghanistan. Finally, in a much heralded speech at West Point that was eloquent; but not inspiring, Obama delivered a confused message designed to please everyone including the Terrorists.

Obama again stated that Afghanistan was a Vital National Interest of the United States; but instead of providing the 40,000 - 60,000 troops requested by General McChrytal, presumably the expert in the field, Obama approved just an additional 30,000 troops; about half what was requested. It is important to recognize the definition of Vital National Interests as taught in International Relations 325, a course I took many years ago at University. A Vital National Interest is so important that if necessary a country will go to war to defend it. In doing so, there are no limits to which a nation will go to insure success. If more troops are required, more troop should be sent. And, the fight would continue no matter how long it takes to WIN the peace and Victory.

Of course, Obama is hoping that our NATO allies will make up the difference in troops; but I would not count on it. Europeans in general are pacifists, much the same as many Democrat Socialists in the United States, that many times refuse to fight even when confronted with a dire threat. i.e. Iran. When the Europeans do send troops, it is never in large numbers and only enough to represent a token force. It is always the United States that must do the heavy lifting. Again, history is our teacher like always. Remember it was appeasement of Hitler by the British Prime Minister Chamberlain in the thirties that lead to World War II instead of "peace in our time". Weakness never leads to peace and always causes more war.

President Obama has surrendered in Afghanistan because in trying to please the left wing of the Democrat Socialist Party, Obama announced a withdrawal date of July, 2011. Obviously, we all want our troops out of Afghanistan as soon as possible; but in announcing a specific withdrawal date, the President has insured failure and defeat. Just imagine if President Roosevelt had said, in 1941, after the United States was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor that we would go to all out war; but our intention was to pull out of the Pacific front by 1944 instead of only after achieving Victory. Winston Churchill during the bleakest days of World War II, in rallying the British people said, "We shall never give up and never give in" not we will fight until we are tired of fighting and leave the front by a specific date.

By the way, President Obama never used the word Victory in his speech at West Point. So in playing to the left wing of the Democrat Socialist Party, Obama also greatly pleased the Taliban and Al Queda. The Terrorists now know that all they have to do is lay low for the next 18 months and wait for the US to leave Afghanistan and then they can resume the war to depose the elected government of Afghanistan. The Terrorists also know that once we leave, the odds are pretty good that we are not coming back.

President Obama is naive and inexperienced. Not only has Obama not learned the lessons of history and Economics 101 related to restoring growth in the American economy, Obama has also never learned the lessons of International Relations 325. It is impossible to achieve Victory, if the enemy believes time is on their side. President Obama in announcing a withdrawal date; has tantamount announced our surrender. President Obama does not have the wisdom or maturity to be our Commander and Chief. Obama thinks and acts like the law professor and community organizer that are his claim to fame; not a grand strategist, like Ronald Reagan, ready to play on the world stage. Obama does not understand the basic rules of poker; let alone International Relations. Showing the enemy your cards is the road to surrender. God bless Our American military and their families that deserve better from the President of the United States.

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