Saturday, December 19, 2009

HealthScare - Let's Make a Deal

Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat Socialist Majority Leader of the US Senate was willing to make a deal with the devil, if needed, to get the last three Socialist votes he needed to ram through HealthScare. Reid will achieve cloture on Monday and he is planning the actual vote at 1:00 am on Christmas Eve. What is that all about? In any case, Democrat Socialist, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Bernie Sanders (actually is a Socialist) of Vermont held out to get hundreds of millions of dollars into perpetuity for their states at the expense of all other states and taxpayers. This was raw politics and Nelson, Landrieu and Sanders played "Let's Make a Deal" very well indeed to bring home the pork to their states. But, in addition to the pork, it we reported that Obama played hard ball with Nelson, threatening to close the Strategic Air Command Air Force Base in Nebraska, which would have resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs.

Of course, Senator Harry Reid also added some pork for Nevada for his trouble that he hopes will win him reelection next year in Nevada. But, Harry, I wouldn't count on it when Reid's approval rating in Nevada is below 30% and there are strong candidates just waiting to take him on. At least, there will not be one Republican vote for HealthScare, which is a good thing; so much for Obama's claims that he wanted to have bi-partisanship in Washington. What a joke!! Unfortunately, the American people got the short end of the stick and a raw deal with HealthScare thanks to Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid from Nevada. We need to remember Harry in 2010 in Nevada, my home state, when we go to the polls to send him into retirement and back to his home in Searchlight, Nevada. So when we tell Harry to Go To Hell all we are doing is telling him to go back to his home in the desert, which is like hell on earth.

HealthScare will result in $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare. 22 million Seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage HMO Plans, so it is likely they will have to change doctors and pay higher fees or buy Medigap insurance, if they can afford it, to get what they have now. There is about $500 Billion in tax increases in HealthScare, which will be passed on to all Americans in one way or another. HealthScare amounts to redistribution of income and benefits from those who have health insurance today to Obama's Peeps. It really is that simple. The government bureaucracy will grow by 150,000 as a result of HealthScare as 119 commissions are established, including Death Panels, to make our lives miserable. And, private insurance premiums will go up substantially because of all the new regulations and mandates required of insurance companies. And, finally, the cost will not be the One Trillion dollars that is projected over 10 years; but if history is our teacher, it will result in many Trillions of dollars in deficit spending and ultimately cost millions of jobs and lead to the bankruptcy of the United States.

So, how did the American people win again in this corrupt deal? There have been many slogans in American history; like "Remember the Alamo or "Remember the Maine", which related to the Mexican American and Spanish American Wars as a call to arms. Franklin Roosevelt referred to December 7, Pearl Harbor as a "Day of Infamy". When HealthScare is finally enacted by the Democrat Socialist Controlled Congress and signed by President Obama, it should be referred to as the Day of Fiscal Insanity committed by Democrat Socialists that are enacting one more social program that will be an unfunded liability. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Post Office and Amtrac are all bankrupt and yet these Democrat Socialist politicians have added one more program; HealthScare, that will be added to the list of bankrupt government programs in the years to come. It is inevitable. As Forest Gump always said, Stupid is as Stupid Does.

Once HealthScare is enacted we need to remember this "Day of Fiscal Insanity" when we go to the polls in 2010 and 2012 to elect Conservative candidates who have worked in the real world. We must get our check books out to throw the Democrat Socialist bums and President Obama out of office to save our country. While all the tax increases and other negative aspects of HealthScare will kick in immediately, the actual benefits for the uninsured will not kick in for four years. HealthScare can and should be challenged in court and/or repealed as soon as possible. This saga is NOT OVER by any means.

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