Friday, December 11, 2009

Kevin Jennings - Obama's Safe School Czar

President Obama has appointed many left wing radicals to serve in his administration, which include both Socialists and even Communists. But, Kevin Jennings, Obama's "Safe School Czar" is even worse. Mr. Jennings is a homosexual; but that is not the issue. It appears that Kevin Jennings has promoted sex between young boys and older men while working as a counselor in education. Jennings has been involved in conferences encouraging sex between children and older men. Kevin Jennings is apparently an admirer of the North American Man Boy Love Association. As Executive Director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network founded in 1995, Jennings was involved in graphically teaching teen age boys how to have sex with adult men.

What are we coming to? Kevin Jennings should be FIRED immediately not because he is a homosexual, which is no one's business; but because he advocates sex between children and adults. Jennings should be FIRED if he was a heterosexual advocating sex between young girls and older men. And, this is not about teaching kids about safe sex. Kevin Jennings, who is supposed to be Obama's "Safe School Czar" has advocated behaviors that are not only unsafe, they are illegal and potentially incredibly damaging to children. How can any responsible adult, regardless of sexual orientation, advocate this position?

Most important, how could President Obama appoint Kevin Jennings to this office given Jennings' history? This appointment is really about Obama's poor judgement, or lack thereof, and or the President's inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Kevin Jennings has to go sooner than later. This guy is sick. It is clear that we must take back our country.

President Obama is perhaps the most irresponsible President elected in American History related to many issues. Obama is bankrupting the United States. One of his first acts in office was to expand abortions around the world at government expense. Obama sat in the pew of a church run by a racist minister for over twenty years; but apparently never heard the sermons. This President continues to demonstrate that he lacks judgement on issue after issue. 2010 is coming. We must take back the Congress by electing Conservatives. We must get ready for 2012 to make President Obama a one term President. We can do it. The appointment of people like Kevin Jennings, proves we have to do it.

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