Monday, October 25, 2021

Welcome To Brazil In The US

In bigger cities in Brazil, the wealthy hire private security to guard themselves and their homes.  They often live behind 20 foot high walls with guard stations to enter the property.  But they go one step further as people on each block pay to maintain 20 foot high guard turrets with guards with AK 47's to shoot dead any would be assailants in the neighborhood.  They are also driven around in chauffeured limousines with armed guards to prevent car jackings and kidnappings.  This is what happen when civil society breaks down as is now happening in the US. 

While people in the US who live in gated communities often have armed security, now 165 residents in San Francisco, a no go zone, have come together to retain armed security to patrol their street because they feel so unsafe.  This is what happens when the police are defunded and or just quit rather than deal with all the politically correct BS they are facing. 

We now have Brazil in the US.  The good news is that cops who leave city police forces will not have to worry about finding good jobs.  Private security firms will hire them in a minute and at better pay and benefits than they earn now.  Wealthy people will pay for security and safety.  It is the poor and the middle class that will suffer the loss of cops.  It is what it is.  

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