Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Divide In The US Catholic Church

The same divide that exists in our country exists in the US Catholic Church.  About 50% of US Catholics are left wing liberals who vote for Democrat Socialists.  They do not adhere to many of the teachings of the Church, which makes it hard to understand why they remain Catholic except for the fact that Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, who is a Socialist or Communist is their champion.  The other 50% are Conservatives who are more devout Catholics who do adhere to the tenets of the Church and vote for Republicans.  This 50% is ardently pro life and pro traditional family.  Conservatives absolutely oppose priests serving Communion to supposedly Catholic Socialist politicians that support abortion right up until birth and even after.  This issue has become a flash point in the Church because the Pope has said Communion should not be "weaponized", since he supports Joe Biden who professes to be a Catholic.  

The problem for the Catholic Church in the US is that Conservatives are leaving in droves since Pope Francis was elected.  Francis is almost universally disliked by Conservative Catholics that are counting the days until he is gone.  As such, we have stopped donating because of him and all the child molestation and corruption that exists in the Church.  Though the Church in the US is not growing, Conservatives are being replaced with poor illegal immigrants; mostly Hispanics.  That means the money is not there to support huge expenses and ROME.  

Sadly to find money, the Catholic Church is indirectly complicit in human trafficking by supporting the Caravans bringing illegal aliens into the United States.  Since Churches in Mexico are serving as way stations, the Cartels must be paying the Church to feed and care for these poor people along the way.  Where else is the food coming from.  And, once these illegal aliens make it into the United States, our federal government is giving the Church billions of dollars to care for them, which is replacing the donations from Conservatives that have stopped.  Since these Hispanics are mostly Catholic, the Church sees them as the future of the Church in the United States.  They are filling the pews left behind by the Conservatives abandoning the Church.

Even young people that went to Catholic Schools by the time they are in their 20's have left the Church.  If they remain Christian, they are joining Evangelical Churches that are growing.  As a Conservative Judeo Christian Catholic, my attraction to the Church continues to fade.  Though I appreciate the history of the Catholic Church and I am a devout Christian, what I see are a bunch of old men in robes and silly pointed hats feeding at the trough practicing irrelevant rituals that don't make them any more Christian.  The hierarchy of the Church including the Pope just don't matter any more.  It is easy to see why there was a Protestant Reformation.  The problem is that the Catholic Church never got the message.  

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