Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Attorney General Merrick Garland - A Corrupt Socialist Party Hack

It is a good thing that Merrick Garland was never seated on the Supreme Court because then we would have been stuck with him for life.  We see now that he is just a Deep State Swamp Lizard and Corrupt Socialist Party Hack.  Garland responded to the National Association of School Boards, another Socialists organization, presumably with Joe Biden's approval assuming he can remember giving it, to order the FBI to prosecute parents and concerned citizens protesting against Critical Race Theory, Gender Screening and Mask Mandates at School Board meetings as domestic Terrorists under the Patriot Act.  This is unbelievable and unconstitutional. 

Of course, Republicans and conservative media are going crazy because it turns out the Garland's daughter Rebecca is married to a man who owns a company call Panorama, funded by none other than Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book fame.  Panorama sells millions of dollars of Critical Race Theory and other left wing Socialist Materials to school districts to indoctrinate rather than educate children.   So like the Biden Crime family, we now have the Garland Crime Family.  Everybody knows that Joe Biden, the "big guy" gets 10% of all of Hunter Biden's crooked deals. 

Now we have to wonder if Garland is on the take too like so many other crooked politicians in DC.  Sure looks suspicious.  Garland acted within a day of getting the letter from the National Association of School Boards, which means this was in the works for months because the Swamp normally does not move that quickly.  I am willing to bet that Garland's daughter through her husband was somehow in on this deal.  If nothing else they are certainly benefiting from their business with woke school districts. 

What Garland and Biden have done is to weaponize the FBI and other government agencies.  The FBI is now the Gestapo enforcer.  Though on this one, my bet is that the FBI is cringing at the thought of arresting Moms trying to get a good education for their children.  The reputation of the FBI of late is terrible and in the toilet because of so many screw up's.  Hard to see how this will help when the first arrest occurs.  Most important, once again we see the adage, "whose bread they eat, whose song they sing".  Garland is directly tied by marriage to a company making money off of Critical Race Theory BS.  No wonder he moved so quickly to get the FBI involved in this travesty.  Always follow the money for the real story.  

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