Friday, October 29, 2021

Loudoun County School District - Epicenter Of The Culture War

The Loudoun County School District in Northern Virginia is the epicenter of the culture war happening in our country.  Parents and other concerned citizens there are saying NO to Critical Race Theory Marxist racist, revisionist, fake history, NO to the LGBTQIA Agenda and NO to mandatory Masks and Vaccinations. The battle going on may result in the election of a Republican Governor for the first time in years.  

The School Board in Loudoun County and their Superintendent covered up the rape of a 9th grade girl, by a transgender boy in a skirt in the girl's bathroom.  What is worse, they transferred the boy to another school where he did it again.  Naturally many are demanding that the Superintendent be fired and that School Board Members resign including the Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for Governor.  

School Board meetings there have been raucous for more than a year because Parents do not want what the district is selling and Woke School Board Members, Administrators and Teacher refuse to listen.  It is important to recognize that these people showing up at School Board Meetings are not Red Necks.  Loudoun County is the suburbs of the DC Swamp.  It is in the Blue part of Virginia with among the most expensive home zip codes in the country.  

This story is really about the culture wars going on in our country.  The half the country that voted for President Trump, Republicans, Democrats and Independents are standing up to the National Socialist Fascists, the other half of the country and pushing back against their ideology.  The divide in our country on virtually every key issue has never been worse since the Civil War.  Compromise is impossible because the divide is so great. 

The problem related to public schools is that they have been politicized making half the country their enemy.  That just can't work as the Justice Department led be Attorney General and Socialist party hack Merrick Garland is now attempting to use the FBI to investigate and prosecute parents as "domestic terrorists", which is outrageous.  Further, the School Board in Loudoun County has asked the local Sheriff to station SWAT teams at School Board meetings.  I doubt the Sheriff will comply because the request is so crazy.  

Until School Boards recognize that they must stop indoctrinating children and get back to good unbiased teaching, they can expect more raucous School Board meetings that are happening all over the country.  Many parents and concerned citizens are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore especially since half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level, which is disgraceful.  It is time to get back to the business of education and forget about Socialist politically correct ideology.  If School Boards don't get the message, they can expect more raucous Board meetings.  It is what it is.  

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