Tuesday, October 12, 2021

F--K Joe Biden Chant At Football Games

In the last few weeks at numerous college football games and other professional sports games all over the country, the crowd has spontaneously begun chanting F--K Joe Biden.   Wow!   Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet; but we have never seen anything like this in American history.  Clearly, young and older people attending these games have used their proximity to express incredible dissatisfaction with this incompetent President.  

Though unusual, it should be no surprise because Biden has made such a mess of our country in so short a time.  The disgraceful and shameful disaster in pulling out of Afghanistan was the icing on an ugly cake.  With the Taliban in charge, Afghanistan will once again become a haven for Terrorists.  We have an invasion by illegal aliens on our border that is out of control.  Inflation is going through the roof with the price of gas up $1.50 in all areas of the country since Biden took office.  The murder rate has increased dramatically as National Socialist Fascists move to defund the police.  China is on the verge of invading Taiwan.  Biden has issued an order for the FBI to prosecute parents and concerned citizens as "domestic terrorists" for protesting at school board meetings in opposition to Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history, gender screening and mask mandates.  This is unbelievable.  

Covid is not under control either.  Vaccine Mandates as a condition of employment has resulted in thousands of people being fired.   The supply chain is disrupted as hundreds of ships are off shore because there are no truck drivers to deliver the goods once unloaded.  The fact is that Joe Biden is completely incompetent.  Biden just can't do the job.  Early onset dementia is obvious.  

So these spontaneous chants of F--K Joe Biden should be no surprise to anyone.  We can expect to see more of this occurring in the weeks ahead because people are just fed up.  

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