Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Quemala Harris Violated The Law Campaigning In Black Churches

Most Churches are 501(c) 3 charitable organizations, which gives them tax exempt status.  The Johnson Amendment prohibits charitable organizations, including churches with this status from being directly involved in any kind of political activity.  So what!   Quemala Harris just posted a political video in support of Socialist Terry McAuliffe running for Governor in Virginia in 300 Black Churches in Virginia.  If these churches play this video, they are risking their tax exempt status.  The IRS would have to go after them as the IRS has done related to Conservative 501(c)3 organizations.  But, don't count on it happening.  

Republicans must bring pressure both on these Churches and the IRS for violation of the law.  Unfortunately, National Socialist Fascists ignore laws that don't suit them and nothing is done.  Joe Biden will do nothing to enforce the Johnson Amendment, which would be an impeachable offense.  If Republicans take back the House in 22, they must file Articles of Impeachment for many issues and violations of several laws.  

The rule of law matters if we are to maintain our democracy.  We cannot have laws ignored by the Socialists and Fake News, which happens every day.   President Donald Trump was persecuted for his entire Presidency for doing nothing wrong  Yet, Joe Biden gets a pass.  We can't allow that to happen.  It may be time for the Tea Party marches in Washington again.  The National Socialists will be terrified; but too bad.  We can't allow this crap to continue.  

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