Saturday, October 2, 2021

France Criticizes Woke America - Wow

Our relations with France, our oldest ally are in the toilet.  The United States and Britain double crossed France by putting a deal in place to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, rather than the electric diesel subs France was going to supply.  We can't blame Australia for doing this because the technology France was selling was old news.  However, this all happened behind France's back, which cost the country $60 Billion in business and many jobs.  If Biden had a brain that is functioning, he would have figured out how to involve France in this deal; but let's face it, our President is an incompetent idiot.  

So now President Macron of France is not happy with Biden, which should be no surprise.  But Macron is going further by criticizing Woke America for all the politically correct baloney going on in our country because it is infecting France, as well.  The left cancelling people to silence them is outrageous.  Marron mentions what is happening our our university campuses and fears that it is coming to France.  

Obviously, Macron sees what is happening in our country.  We have Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, looting and burning down our cities without any penalty.  There is a movement in the US to defund our police, which has led to an increase in murders and crime on ours streets.  There are apparently now people in France doing these very same things.  Civil society is breaking down in the US and President Macron fears that chaos will spread to France.  Obviously, President Macron of France has a lot more common sense than Joe Biden; but it may also be about brain power.  

Biden suffers from dementia so there are days when he does not know his name or where he is.  Biden is oblivious to what is happening around him.  Further, Biden is owned by the Socialists and Communists in our country and China.  If Biden does not do as he is told, they will use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.  Biden knows it and acts accordingly, which is why he is so Woke.  

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