Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Biden Crime Family - 10% For The Big Guy

It is pretty obvious that Joe Biden and other Biden family members are using Hunter Biden to sell the Biden Name to pretty much the highest bidder that often is China and other countries.  Let's not forget that Joe Biden is the "big guy" who gets 10% of the take, which no doubt paid for the beach house in Delaware.  Matter of fact, it has been reported that Hunter covers the cost of the beach house.  

So Hunter Picasso is now a painter who sells paintings to undisclosed parties for $500,000.  This is a bribe plain and simple.  There are accomplished real artist hanging in galleries that have never sold a painting for $500,000.  This scam is better than anything the Clinton's ever did with the Clinton Foundation to peddle influence.  I bet Crooked Hillary is kicking herself for not coming up with this scheme.  She could have used Chelsea Clinton to peddle paintings for years. Oh darn. 

The Justice Department and the FBI should be all over the Biden Crime family because there is a trail a mile long.  But don't count on it because Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Deep State swamp lizard and  Socialist Party Hack is not about to touch this case, particularly since we learn now that his family is on the take as well selling Critical Race Theory materials for millions of dollars to woke school districts.  And, FBI Director Christopher Wray is not about to go after Joe Biden because he values his job so he can continue feeding at the trough.  Instead, Wray will be sending FBI agents to school board meetings to arrest moms as Domestic Terrorists for protesting against Critical Race Theory indoctrination.  

The corruption in the DC swamp is now so pervasive that they don't even care if their crimes are known.  Since Fake News will do nothing to tell the story,  the Biden Crime family and now the Garland Crime Family both get a pass.  What is happening is down right disgusting, but not surprising.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  Just follow the money to see the whole story.  

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