Friday, October 22, 2021

China Serious Economic & Military Threat

It is time for Congress, the President and even the Supreme Court to recognize that China is a serious economic and military threat to our nation.  They all need to take action NOW to protect our country from domination by China.  Let me count the ways.  We see what happens when the Supply Chain is a mess.  Our country is dependent on China an enemy to our country for critical things like computer chips, drugs, minerals and many other items that should be designated as critical to our national security.  It is time to demand that American companies produce many critical items in the United States.  In addition to the job creation, this is about making sure that we are not dependent on an enemy country for things needed for daily life.  

Who care if toys come from China.  The fact that at about 70% of our drugs are made in China is a real problem.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden is owned, locked, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists who have given his son Hunter billions of dollars to support the Biden Crime family.  Biden will never do what is necessary to challenge China a country that steals technology to compete with Western companies because the Biden's are on the take.  

Recently, China successfully tested a hypersonic missile that can reach our country in a few minutes armed with nuclear weapons.  There is no current defense against these missiles.  Of course, we need to develop our own hypersonic missiles in response; but we also need to build our alliance with Japan, Australia, South Korea and India to counter China's dominance of Asia Pacific.  We need to base nuclear weapons in these countries to deter China.  Failure to do so, will cause China to attack Taiwan because they don't believe there would be any consequence.  Taiwan produces most of the computer chips in the world.   As such, we must protect Taiwan.  It is in our national security to do so.  

The things we buy from China not only makes them richer at our expense, it gives them the money to build up their military.  Trade is good; but we have allowed global trade to hurt our country.  President Trump was right.  Our policies must be about America First.  China is winning the war against our country.  We must fight back.  

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