Sunday, October 17, 2021

Superman Now Must Be Politically Correct - No Watch List

Superman is 80 years old.  This fictitious character fought for "truth, justice and the American way".  Apparently, since National Socialist Fascists hate America, the "American Way" is no longer acceptable.  So now, Superman will fight for "truth, justice and a better (Socialist) tomorrow".  But it goes further, the new Superman who I guess is now a descendent of the old Superman is bi-sexual.  Is nothing sacred?  Why is that necessary?  I know why!

Why is sexual orientation even an issue related to Superman.  It is true that Clark Kent, alias Superman,  secretly loved Lois Lane; but not much ever came of it.  Presumably now the new Superman can have various love interests depending on his whim that day. This is really about pushing the LGBTQIA agenda on young children; however, this means that Superman will now have to go from rated G to rated PG or something more adult because depending on how far they take this topic, it will not be appropriate for young children because it could cause gender confusion.  

Half of America is not buying any of this crap, which is why parents are protesting at school board meetings all over the country.   Public Schools are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda at very young ages.  There is unconstitutional gender screening going on where teachers are asking students to state their sexual orientation to determine what name they would like to be called by and what pronoun should be used when the teacher references them.  This is crazy and unconstitutional.  

We are reaching a divide in our country that is irreconcilable on so many issues.  No doubt, there are parents that will not allow their young children to watch a bi-sexual Superman.  This does not make them homophonic.  It does make them cautious about the things they don't want their children to see at a very young age, which should include horrible violence.  Superman was all about preserving the "American Way".  Half the country wants the American Way preserved.  You can bet Superman will end up on the no watch list for many because of this nonsense.  


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