Thursday, October 28, 2021

Election Integrity Is Not Voter Suppression

During the election in 2020, Blue State Governors implemented "emergency" voting procedures to deal with the Covid crisis.   They unilaterally suspended their own state election laws without legislative approval.  Ballots were mailed to everyone listed on dirty voter rolls without regard to updating those rolls.  There just was not time.  Voter ID was often suspended.  Chain of custody of ballots went by the way side.  Ballot harvesting was rampant.  And, guess what.  Donald Trump lost by just enough votes in those states to throw the election to Joe Biden. 

The fact is that no Presidential candidate has lost an election who carried Ohio, Texas and Florida, which Donald Trump carried by high percentages.  These states had honest elections, which is the reason why over half the country believes there was voter fraud in 2020.  Further, Trump, at 75 million votes got 11 million more votes than he got in 2016 again a record number.  National Socialist Fascists want us to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than Barack Obama, which seems unlikely without voter fraud that probably occurred in those Blue States.  I know, I am talking the "Big Lie" that Donald Trump actually won the election; but I am far from alone in believing this reality.  

So, many states are attempting to clean up election laws so that those things done as a result of the Covid "emergency" don't happen in 2022 and 2024.  What the National Socialist Fascists call Voter Suppression is really Election Integrity.  Ballots should not automatically be mailed out to everyone on the rolls some of whom may be dead or no longer residing in the state.  Ballot harvesting and unattended drop boxes that destroys the chain of custody should be prohibited.  Voter ID should be required to vote.  Votes must be in the door by election night to be counted not 5 days later.  These are common sense rules designed to insure Election Integrity.  Republicans are doing nothing that would prevent Americans of any color from voting.  To say otherwise is bogus BS.  If we lose faith in our elections, our democracy is over.  We can't let that happen.  

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