Thursday, October 14, 2021

Public Schools Are Failing Our Nation

Even though the United States spends more on public education than any other nation in the world, half of the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  This problem is particularly acute in our inner cities where poor kids of color are way below grade level.  So much so, that the best they will be able to do is manual labor jobs and or live in poverty.  This is a national crisis and the civil rights issue of this era. 

Sadly, while woke school boards, administrators and teachers focus on Socialist indoctrination that has been happening for years and now gender screening, little is being done to actually improve academic achievement.  The rich can escape public schools.  Their kids including the kids of many National Socialist Fascist politicians are in private schools getting a quality education.  The poor and many middle class families cannot afford to send their kids to private schools.  They are stuck on the plantation like slaves working for highly paid administrators and teachers with no accountability to achieve academic results.   

First, we must demand accountability in public schools.  School Board members, administrators and teachers who fail to deliver academic achievement must be invited to leave public education.  If they don't quit, they must be removed from office, or be FIRED.  This could require an end to teacher tenure that often protects incompetent teachers.  Great teachers need not fear more accountability because it can and should be used to pay them more in merit pay.  Public schools must use metrics to measure success, or the lack thereof.  Right now business as usual is not achieving academic excellence.  The numbers tell the story.  

In Nevada where we live, reading and math scores are dismal and Nevada ranks at the bottom for academic achievement in the nation; yet incompetent administrators and there are lots of them get fat salaries and pensions.  However, this is not unusual because it is happening all over the country.  Frankly, what is happening is malpractice.  School Boards are not addressing the issue instead focusing on implementing things like Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and unconstitutional Gender Screening.  This is the reason parents and other concerned citizens, now labeled as "domestic terrorists" by Biden/Garland are protesting at school board meetings all over the country.  Half the country that cares about quality education is fed up, mad as hell and won't take it anymore.  

Since public schools are failing our nation, Concerned Citizens should form public charter schools to take management away from the Socialist education establishment including teacher unions.  These schools can be managed by a separate board of concerned citizens specific to that school.  We must also insist on School Choice so that the poor and middle class can pull their kids out of failing public schools and put them in private schools.  Clearly, taxpayer monies should follow the kid to whatever school parents think is best for them.  The only way to improve public education is by competition and denying them students, which impacts their funding.  We have to starve the beast to get the beast to provide quality education instead of indoctrination.  It appears to be the only way.  Money talks to those who are tone deaf.  

Clearly, half the country, the half that is demanding quality public education is not happy with our public schools because they have been politicized and many of them are terrible.  Socialists are running our public schools today.  We are not buying what they are selling.  When that happens customers go someplace else.  We are at a cross road.  Either we get back to quality education in our public schools, or many families will demand other alternatives.  That day is here.  

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