Friday, October 15, 2021

Environmental Terrorists Attack The Department of The Interior Headquarters in DC

People V. Fossil Fuels, a radical environmental Terrorist group recently attacked and invaded the Department of the Interior.  These Insurrectionists were protesting against Joe Biden because he has not moved quick enough to implement the Green New Deal to destroy the fossil fuel energy industry in the process.  DC Cops and the Department of Homeland Security had to scramble to protect the building and staff members from these environmental left wing terrorists.  Cops were injured and many of them had to go to the hospital.  59 of these Terrorists were arrested by the DC Metropolitan Police.  The Department of the Interior put out a statement saying they respected their right to protest.  Really!

Many are likening this Insurrection to the riot that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol.  Of course, more than 600 of those Trump Supporters were arrested mostly on minor charges; but they are political prisoners in jail without the potential for bail.  Unarmed Ashley Babbitt was murdered on January 6th by a Capitol Cop without any investigation, or consequence because she was a White woman and Trump supporter.  Let's just see what happens to these left wing environmental Terrorists.  Taking bets that most of them will be out of jail within a week or less.  They will be treated the same as BLM and Antifa Terrorists that rioted, looted and burned down cities resulting in very few arrests and very little jail time. 

There will be no justice for these environmental Terrorists because they support the Green New Deal and probably much worse.  What we are seeing in our country is disgraceful as crime and the murder rate are out of control.  Joe Biden and the National Socialist Fascists that run the country and many states and cities just look the other way when their supporters commit serious crimes.  The Justice Department and the FBI facilitate these crimes because won't prosecute these criminals.   This is happening as parents and concerned citizens who protest at school board meetings just fighting for quality education for their children are now being characterized as "domestic terrorists", which is outrageous.   

So follow the news in the next few weeks.  Of course, Fake News won't report the story related to these environmental Terrorists.  Go to Fox and NewsMax to get the real story about this riot and everything else these days.  Can't trust Fake News to get the truth about any story.  

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