Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Biden's America - Lower Your Expectations

In 1974, as a young history teacher, I visited the old Soviet Union.  Communism resulted in food shortages as people stood in line for hours to buy bread, meat, chicken and many other items.  So now with the Supply Chain mess,  the Biden Administration is telling Americans to lower our expectations.  Just wait, Jimmy Carter's gas lines are coming back to the United States.  The price of Gas has gone up $2 a gallon now approaching $5 in many states because Biden is purposely out to destroy the carbon energy industry.  Remember, Biden's first day in office was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, which was designed to bring oil now approaching $100 a barrel into the US from Canada.  

Biden is now begging OPEC, including Russia, Iran and Venezuela to produce more oil when the United States can be energy independent.  This is crazy; but then Biden has dementia so he is crazy.  We are beginning to see empty shelves in stores.  Scoring toilet paper will again become a big deal.  The price of bacon is going to go to $9 a pound.  This is a crisis.  The price for everything we buy is going through the roof.  This is happening because of out of control government spending and because the cost of energy is going up dramatically thanks to Joe Biden's stupid Executive Orders.

The Green New Deal will be a disaster for all Americans.  Instead of making all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper,  we will experience scarcity, which will drive up the cost of everything we do, eat, buy etc.  It does not have to be this way.  This is a disaster created by National Socialist Fascists to grow government and limit our freedoms.  Republicans must take back the government in 2022 and 2024 and not RINOS.  We need America First Trump Republicans in office to get our country back on track.  It will not happen any other way.  

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