Sunday, October 17, 2021

Obama Is Running The Country - Poor Joe Biden

Barack Hussein Obama is back poorly running the country through his surrogates strategically positioned in the Biden Administration.  Obama is clearly pulling the strings.  Obama encouraged Joe Biden not to run for President because he said of Biden "if Biden could F--K it up, he would".   And, now we are seeing Obama's comments in action.  Joe Biden has F--Ked up everything he has touched.  Let me count the ways.  Incredible inflation related to all goods and services, energy prices going through the roof, supply chain nightmare, Afghanistan, foreign relations, weaponizing the DOJ against parents and other concerned citizens,  Murders and Crime way up, giving BLM and Antifa Terrorists a pass on their crimes, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea.  

For these reasons and many more, an incompetent Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet so much so that no doubt Obama and the other National Socialist Fascists see an election debacle coming in 2022 and 2024.  Of course, they fear a resurgent Donald Trump, which is why they and Fake News are desperately doing everything and anything they can to destroy Trump.  The January 6th Commission Circus, supported by two RINOS is just the third impeachment trial.  The others failed and so with this latest assault on Donald Trump.  What they can't get through their thick skulls is that the more they attack Trump, the stronger he gets. Trump owns the Republican Party.  Trump will be the nominee for President in 24 if he wants the job.  

Obama will now hit the campaign trail in a desperate attempt to save the National Socialist Fascist Party because Biden is so unpopular that candidates don't want him around. This is the reason Obama is going to Virginia to stump for Terry McAuliffe for Governor who may be in trouble.  The only problem is that Obama lost the Congress when he was President so not sure he does much good.  If anything, Obama helps turn out Republican voters who can't stand him or Biden.  

Poor Joe, it is only a matter of time before the National Socialist Fascists attempt to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him. Ironically, it could be the Republicans that save Biden.  That would be funny.  Only problem is that Quemala Harris is disliked by so many in the country that having her step in as President may be worse than having Biden.  This is what happens when the Socialists steal an election for an incompetent candidate with dementia.  Eventually, the chickens come home to roost.  

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