Thursday, October 21, 2021

60,000 Illegal Aliens Are Heading To Our Border

It has been reported that there are another 60,000 illegal aliens heading to our border.  I suspect that the number is even greater.  Members of the Biden Administration refuse to recognize that we have a CRISIS at our border.  That is because Bidenistas support an open border.  They want millions entering our country illegally because they believe one day that these people will be National Socialist Fascist voters.  That is the real motivation for allowing these illegal aliens to enter our country.  Members of the Biden Administration are actually supporting the Cartels to implement human trafficking and drug smuggling because they will do nothing to stop it.  

At a time when our country already has a $30 Trillion National Debt, which grows daily, Joe Biden wants to give entitlements to illegal aliens.  Taxpayers already spend billions of dollars every year to support 11 million or more illegal aliens in our country related to education, medical care, the court system, policing, jails etc.  Blue states provide free college education and many other benefits to illegal aliens.  

It is time to put the army on our border.  It is time to put the army on Mexico's border.  We have to stop the invasion of our country.   It is not just about illegal aliens entering our country, but also Terrorists and drugs that are killing Americans.  Joe Biden will do nothing to protect our nation from the invasion that is happening.  Biden has failed to uphold his oath of office and responsibility to preserve and protect our country.  When the Republicans take over the House of Representatives in 2022, Biden must be impeached from office.  Joe Biden is destroying our country.  He has to go.


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