Sunday, October 3, 2021

National Association of School Boards - Socialist Fascist True Colors

The National Association of School Boards has called on Joe Biden to use the FBI under Patriot Act authority to prosecute protesters at school board meetings,  happening all over the country who are saying HELL NO to Critical Race Theory indoctrination and in some cases to Mask Mandates.  Doing this in essence would be designating parents and other concerned citizens as Terrorists.  This is all happening while BLM and Antifa Terrorists have rioted, looted and burned down cities, yet they walk free.  

If Joe Biden is dumb enough to do this, it will represent a declaration of war against half the  country that is absolutely opposed to Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Marxist, racist, revisionist Fake History.  And, if Biden dares do it, it will cost the National Socialist Fascists the Congress, which may happen anyway because if his incompetence.  As it is now, this is playing out in the state of Virginia in the next month, a blue state where Republicans are ahead in the polls for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General,   The CRT battle is front and center in the election in Virginia.  

This CRT battle is also going on in Reno, Nevada where I live.  The President of the School Board who happens to be a Black admitted Democrat/Socialist and the woke Superintendent who just announced she will be retiring by the end of the school year under tremendous pressure to resign because both of them are attempting to implement Critical Race Theory indoctrination and gender screening throughout the district.  As a result, they are facing irate parents and other concerned citizens.  School Board meetings are raucous to be sure because these Socialists refuse to listen to the community.

In the latest salvo,  the School Board President as their ring leader is attempting to censure the only White Male Conservative on the School Board who is opposed to all their sleazy shenanigans.  I would hate to think that our Black School Board President is a racist out to cancel a White School Board Member; but it is certainly possible and in keeping with CRT ideology.  I have demanded that the School Board stop this BS and repudiate the actions of the National Association of School Boards and actually take the 1776 Pledge to prove that they oppose CRT.  They are not likely to do it because this woke School Board and their Superintendent are determined to put this racist, Marxist CRT ideology in place in the name of "Social Justice".  

So far, three School Board Members in Reno have resigned; one who left the area, one who could not take the pressure and one who committed fraud by moving out of her district two years ago while continuing to serve on the Board.  Let's face it.  Socialist indoctrination has been going on for more than 20 years in our public schools, colleges and universities.  This is nothing new.  Critical Race Theory is just the last straw.  We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  School Board Members are being forced to resign and or face recall.  Certainly any that will not take the 1776 Pledge must be removed from office at election time.  Parents and Concerned Citizens all over the country are organizing to do just that.  

This national battle is happening while at the same time half the students in the United States, including in Reno cannot read or do math at grade level, which is an even bigger issue.  In our case, in Nevada public schools rank among the worst in the nation.  It is pathetic.  This is the case because School Boards and Administrators have failed to do their jobs.  There has been no accountability; but that is changing.  Since we spend more on public schools than any other nation in the world aside from stopping this CRT BS, we have a right to expect academic achievement and results.  A sleeping giant has been awakened.  People who have never attended School Board Meetings are focused on ending this racist CRT indoctrination.  We are also demanding higher reading and math scores and academic achievement.  We will not be cancelled and we will not be silenced by these National Socialist Fascists.  

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