Saturday, October 30, 2021

Superman - Truth, Justice And The American Way

Not even Superman is sacred in woke America.   Superman's slogan was Truth, Justice and the American Way when that all meant something.  Fast forward to today.  Superman is now the son of Lois and Clark Kent and of course, to make Superman relevant,  they have made him Bi-Sexual, which means no longer suitable for children because now the whole topic of sexual orientation is part of the story.  The question is why is this necessary.  There is nothing wrong with heterosexual White role models.  There are plenty of role models of peoples of all colors along with various sexual orientations.  They did not have to mess with Superman.

But even worse, they got rid of Truth, Justice and the American Way.  It is now Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.  Again why?  There is nothing wrong with the American Way.  It is the reason thousands of illegal aliens are risking their lives to come to America; but I must say entitlements draw them too.  Now that crazy Joe Biden wants to pay illegal aliens $450,000 each for their inconvenience; just wait and see what ends up happening at our border.  We will have a stampede in the months ahead.

I like Faith, Family and Country as a slogan.  Our country was founded on faith and the traditional family.  These are the concepts that made America great and it did not matter about race because the concept is relevant to peoples of all colors.  The National Socialist Fascists hate America.  They are out to destroy our country.  We can't let that happen.  We must stand up and say NO to all their crazy Socialist schemes.  We are fighting for our freedom like never before.  The threat to our country is greater now than during World War II and it is coming from within our country.  The good news is that a sleeping giant has been awakened.  We are seeing brave parents and other concerned citizens going to school board meetings all over the country to take back our public schools.  

Watch what happens in Virginia.  If the Republicans win, the Socialists will panic.  A Republican win will make the Socialists even more dangerous.   We will have to be on guard to push back their attempts to limit our freedoms.  This battle is far from over.  

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