Saturday, October 23, 2021

Biden Administration Incompetent Cabinet Officers

Biden Administration cabinet officers are all Socialist Party Hacks.  That is to be expected.  However, the fact that many of them are totally incompetent is the real problem.  Big Mouth Mayorkas in charge of Homeland Security is a clueless clown as we face an invasion on our border.  AG Merrick Garland just seems stupid.  Thank God he did not end up on the Supreme Court for life.  Issuing an order calling parents and other concerned citizens who protest at School Board meetings "domestic terrorists" is about as dumb as it gets.  Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation has been missing in action on parental leave for two months while we have a supply chain melt down.  Brie Eating John Kerry in charge of Climate Change initiatives is the typical DC swamp lizard.   Secretary of the Treasury Yellen is full of baloney because she believe inflation will be temporary.   Secretary of State Blinken is a light weight idiot who really botched the Afghanistan fiasco.  

Honestly, this crew is a national disaster. No wonder everything they have touched in the first 10 months in office has turned into a Crisis.  It is like watching the Keystone Cops running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  It would be funny if it was not impacting every American in our country in a negative way.  

If Biden had a functioning brain, he would fire many of them.  However, we know Biden does not have a functioning brain.  Poor Joe is mentally impaired as he wonders out loud during a Town Hall, "what am I doing here".  Biden is lost in the fog of dementia.  It is very sad to watch, but also really dangerous.  This is the guy who has the nuclear foot ball with him at all times.   We all should be scared to death because this cast of characters cannot govern our country.  Just three more years until Trump can be reelected to bring sanity back to Washington DC.  

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