Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Plan For Quemala Harris - The Supreme Court

The Socialist Fascist Party now realizes that not only is Joe Biden Feckless; but that his Vice President Quemala Harris is clueless and unelectable.  They now realize that neither one of them can possibly run for President in 2024 especially against likely candidate former President Donald Trump.  This is coming from none other than Crooked Hillary Clinton and other Clintonistas who are beginning Quemala's death march.  Socialist Fascist Party supporters in Fake News, the biggest companies in America including Big Tech and Deep State Swamp Lizards are all in a panic because they see Biden and Harris's poll ratings in the toilet.  

And for good reason.  Everything Biden/Harris have touched has turned into a disaster starting with Covid, the border, the supply chain mess, inflation, foreign policy etc.  This cabal of America Haters knows that the Socialist Fascists will lose the Congress in 2022.  When that happens the House and Senate investigations will start into the Biden Crime Family and all the Biden policy fiascos. Most important, they fear President Trump more than any plague.  The January 6th Committee Circus will end as soon as Republicans take back the House, which is why they are desperate to complete Impeachment Trial number three before November elections.  They have been trying to destroy Donald Trump for more than five years.  The January 6th Committee Circus is their last chance. 

So what to do with Quemala Harris without pissing off all the Communist racists in the Socialist Fascist Party.  Very simple!  The word on the street is that Biden will appoint Harris to the Supreme Court if only one of the old timers retires or dies.  The pressure will be intense on one of the Socialists on the court to retire so Biden can appoint Harris.  When that happens, Biden will then appoint Crooked Hillary to be Vice President.  If Biden resigns before 2024, which could happen, Crooked Hillary becomes President of the United States.  You can bet the Clinton's and their minions are already working on this scheme.  

So, it would be Crooked Hillary running against President Donald Trump one way or another in 2024 because no other Socialist Fascist would dare challenge her in the primaries unless of course all the old baggage comes back up.  The Russia Hoax and all the Clinton Scandals and corruption will immediately come back on to the front burner; but they don't care.   This would be Crooked Hillary's final chance to be President.  Believe me, Crooked Hillary would sell her daughter to White Slave Traders for the chance to be President.  This scheme is in the works.  Just watch to see it play out.  

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