Monday, January 10, 2022

Denying Treatment For Covid Based On Race

Racist Socialist Fascist feckless Joe Biden has put policy in place so that people of color will be given preference related to therapeutics to treat Covid.  Really! Medical care must be color blind.  If drugs are rationed for any reason, people who need therapeutics most to treat Covid should be provided medications based on their condition regardless of race.  Red State Attorney Generals and Governors must take action in their states to stop this from happening either by lawsuits against the Biden Administration, or by Governor's Executive Orders to make it very clear to hospitals that there will be monetary penalties if they practice rationing on the basis of race.  

Race based health care would be a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.  It would be illegal.  And, the family of anyone that dies as a result of being denied medications as a result of their race would have the basis for an incredible class action lawsuit against the hospital, doctors and the Biden Administration.  The payout on this one would be millions of dollars.  Certainly, if it happened to any of my family members, we would be in court the next day.  

We all knew that Joe Biden is an senile idiot.  This recent Executive Order must be challenged in every way possible.  But, we must go further.   The courts have already struck down a
Biden Executive Order that would have provided Black farmers some kind of preference related to federal government loans.   This sort of thing is blatant reverse racism.   It must stop or it will result in the end of our country.   Red states will want out of the union. 

It is bad enough that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are trying to rig elections by eliminating voter ID, implementing unsolicited mail out ballots, ballot harvesting and giving up the chain of custody on ballots, but now they want to ration medical care on the basis of race, rather than need.  It is outrageous.  We can't allow these things to happen.  

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