Monday, January 24, 2022

Big Woke Companies Funding BLM Is Outrageous - Pubic Schools Complicit

Black Lives Matter is a Communist, Terrorist Organization.  They along with Antifa were involved in rioting, looting and burning down businesses and buildings resulting in billions of dollars in damages.  Recently, the BLM chapter in Washington DC stated that they had no sympathy for cops murdered on our streets complaining that murdered cops are treated as heroes.  Really!  Yet big woke companies have given millions of dollars each year to support BLM.  Public Schools often allow teachers to post BLM posters in their classrooms.  Unless it is extortion, it is hard to understand why these big companies provide this support, which no doubt they deduct as expenses, which means taxpayers subsidize these donations.  And, BLM posters should not be allowed in public school classrooms or anywhere else.  

If the goal is to support Black organizations, there are many that do great work advancing civil rights, dealing with poverty, or focusing on education for the African American community.  Those donations would not be questionable.  However, donations to BLM are anti-American.  I know many people are boycotting these big woke companies because of their support of BLM.  The fact is, it is bad for business not to mention our country.  Specific to pubic schools, parents and other concerned citizens must demand that the BLM posters come down.  

I highly doubt that Dr. Martin Luther King would have been a big BLM supporter because King believed in nonviolence to achieve advancements for Black people.  The end result was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Dr. King achieved many great things by working within the system not by burning it down.  Of course, Dr. King was brilliant and incredibly inspiring, which had a lot to do with his success.  Wouldn't it be nice if rather than BLM posters in classrooms, pictures of Dr. King were displayed as a positive role model. 

Members of BLM are neither brilliant nor inspiring.  They are violent con artists and criminals attempting to destroy our country by rioting, looting and burning down businesses and buildings.  Big woke companies need to take a hard look at their contributions.  Is this really where they want their corporate profits to go.   I doubt very much their shareholders would approve.  And, Public School Boards should prohibit the BLM posters that are in many classrooms.  This is a travesty that must end.  

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