Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Next Supreme Court Justice - A Black Woman

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a liberal old style Democrat appointed by President Bill Clinton will be retiring in June.  He was outed before his announcement by somebody in the Deep State that wants him gone.  No doubt, Breyer has been pressured to end his tenure before Republicans take over the Senate in 2022 so that Biden can nominate a radical, Socialist Fascist Black Woman.  There are many that fit the description currently serving as judges that would satisfy the Communists in their party.  Or, if the Socialist Fascist Party wants to get rid of Quemala Harris, the former Attorney General of California, Biden can name her to the bench.  Though Harris is not very likeable, there would even be a few Republicans in the current Senate who would vote to confirm Harris since she was once one of them.  It will only require 51 votes to put Harris on the Court and as Vice President, she could cast a tie vote if needed.  

You can bet this was payback time.  Bill Clinton is behind the scenes pulling strings for none other than his wife Crooked Hillary.  This is her last chance to be President.  If they can get Harris out of the way, Clintonistas will push Biden to appoint Crooked Hillary because they know that Biden is not long for this Presidency.  After the shelacking that is coming in 2022, if Crooked Hillary was Vice President, they would push Biden to resign and or use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.  It is very clear that Biden's dementia is making it impossible for him to continue serving.  The last thing the Socialist Fascists want is Biden running for reelection.

Even if Crooked Hillary is not appointed the Communists in the Socialist Fascist Party will want someone of color appointed as Vice President who is much younger and can actually run for President in 2024.  While they would love a woman, they would settle for a Black or Hispanic man as long as he is a radical Socialist Fascist.  None other than Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra would work just fine for them.  He graduated from Stanford Law School, served in the House of Representatives for years in a leadership position representing Los Angeles and was later the California Attorney General.  Becerra is attractive and articulate and since the Hispanic population is actually bigger than the Black population, when they push Biden aside Becerra would be the perfect candidate to run for President in 2024.  Becerra could even win if he carried the states of Florida and Texas, both with large Hispanic populations. 

The next Supreme Court Justice will be a Black woman.  That we know.  Quemala Harris is half Black, half Indian. She served as Attorney General of California before becoming Vice President so she know the law if however twisted. While there are more qualified Black women to serve on the Court, her poll ratings are in the toilet.  The Socialist Fascist leadership and their supporters know that Harris needs to go.  They also that know that after the debacle that is coming in 2022 when the Republicans take over the Congress that Biden will need to go too.  Appointing Harris to the Supreme Court will be a face saving way of getting rid of her.  Once either Crooked Hillary, or Xavier Becerra is appointed as Vice President, they will push Biden aside.  The train is coming and Joe Biden, that poor bastard won't see it until it runs him over. 

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