Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Crooked Hillary Sees Big Defeat Coming For Socialist Fascists in 22 and 24

Crooked Hillary Clinton and many other Clinton cronies see a big defeat coming in the elections of 2022 and 2024 and they are preparing to blame both feckless Joe Biden and the Communists in their party.  Crooked Hillary will position herself to push Joe Biden under the bus.  The old girl is planning to run again in 2024 assuming her health does not do her in.  Just wait, the day after big losses in 2022, the Clinton machine will kick in. 

Bill Clinton will call Barack Obama and demand that they together get Joe Biden to announce that he will not be running for reelection.  After all, it was Obama who did not want Biden to run knowing that Biden would "F" things up.  Both Bubba and Obama know that Quemala Harris is a disaster for the party.  She would never be able to beat Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee.  Bill will demand that other Socialists step aside to give his wife, Crooked Hillary one more chance to win the Presidency.  The problem for Bill Clinton is that other Socialists will not support Crooked Hillary for another run. 

If Biden does stand down, which is very likely, there will be a primary battle.  Unless Crooked Hillary has a clear path, she probably won't run.  Other Socialists will argue that she is damaged goods and too corrupt to be elected, which of course is true. Now that the Russia Hoax has been revealed as a Clinton Dirty Tricks Scheme, all of it will come back up if Crooked Hillary ran for President again, not to mention all the other Clinton money laundering schemes through the Clinton Foundation.

Nevertheless, Crooked Hillary is dreaming of one last shot at the Presidency.  At a minimum, the Clinton's will do what is necessary to push Joe Biden out of the picture.  It will start the day after the 2022 election when the Republicans take back the Congress.  It will be fun to watch.  

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