Thursday, January 13, 2022

Covid Vaccine - Big Pharma & Government Failure

After American taxpayers paid Big Pharma billions of dollars to develop vaccines and billions more for shots, we see now that the Vaccines don't really work to prevent Covid.  At best those of us that are vaccinated that get Covid end up with cold or flu like symptoms and presumably don't die.  But we were promised a cure for all this money by the scientists led by Flip Flop Fauci.  Just maybe Project Warpspeed that produced the vaccines in 9 months, record time, was all smoke and mirrors.  Trump was sold a bill of goods. 

When many said it was impossible to produce an effective vaccine in this short time period, they were right.  The fact is that more people have gotten Covid and died from it during Biden's first year in office with 70% of people vaccinated than in Trump's last year in office when a small percentage of people were actually vaccinated by the time Trump left office.  It is starting to look like the better investment would have been in therapeutics to treat Covid rather than the vaccines that are not curing it.  

Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck down Biden's vaccine mandate that would have required companies with 100 or more employees to mandate Covid or fire their employees.  However, no doubt there are big woke companies that will still mandate vaccinations or terminations even though we see now that they are just not that effective.  Certainly nobody should be fired because they refuse to be vaccinated at a time when companies do not have enough workers and shelves in our stores are now empty.  

The whole focus of combating Covid needs to change.  Government especially under Joe Biden really screwed this up.  All this emphasis on testing is a waste of money unless someone has symptoms and even then if symptoms are mild what is the point of being tested.  The person should just stay home until they are better as happens when someone gets the flu.  While it is still fine to be vaccinated, the focus now needs to shift to at home therapeutics to treat the disease so that people don't end up in hospitals.  Further everybody should be taking Zinc, Vitamin D and Quercetin supplements that many believe protect against Covid.  

There are still many doctors around the world that prescribe the malaria pill cocktail combined with ZPack antibiotics, Vitamin D and Quercetin to treat Covid.  Big Pharma and the Deep State Medical Establishment, owned by Big Pharma is opposed to this remedy because it is cheap.  Clearly we need more study on the malaria pill cocktail to determine if it works just fine to treat Covid.  Most important, we need medicines to deal with the disease.  Current Vaccinations that need more work in themselves are clearly not the remedy.  

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