Saturday, January 8, 2022

Crime In America Is Out Of Control

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) District Attorneys many of them put in office with George Soros money are behind the rise in crime in our country in Blue Slave States.  Many of these states have eliminated the need to post bail to get out of jail.  Assuming these left wing District Attorney even charge criminals with a crime, if they are charged they are out of jail the next day.   It is now deemed racist to charge anyone of color with a crime.  Really!

Black on black crime is responsible for most of the inner city murders happening in our country.  The people most at risk from crime are people of color.  The Defund the Police movement hurts people living in our inner cities the most, which is why many Blacks do not support defunding the police.  And, in many cities run by Socialists that have tried eliminating the police their mayors are now demanding more money for Cops. 

George Soros the billionaire who is out to destroy our country should be prosecuted for supporting Terrorism in our country.  He donates money to BLM and Antifa Terrorists who rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses in our country causing billions of dollars in damages and hundreds of injuries and deaths.   Yet very few of them are in jail today because local and state district attorneys and state  attorney generals in Blue Slave states will do nothing to prosecute the Terrorists and neither will Merrick Garland, the Socialist Party Hack in charge of the US Justice Department.  Crime is out of control in the United States and it will get worse as long as these Socialist Fascist hacks remain in office.  

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