Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Military Industrial Complex Always Pushes War For Profit

President George Washington in his Farewell Address warned of foreign entanglements.  President Dwight Eisenhower, himself a former military man warned of the Military Industrial Complex in the DC swamp.  There is no doubt that we need a strong military as a deterrent to aggression against our country by foreign enemies most importantly China; but since many companies in our country profit from wars, we never seem to be at peace.   So now thanks to feckless Biden, we face a crisis in Ukraine with Russia about to invade that country that used to be part of the old Soviet Union.  This could not come at a worse time because Joe Biden is so weak, and incompetent, that it tempts our enemies whether they be Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or Terrorists to wage wars.  

While it is perfectly logical that countries on the periphery of Russia would want to be part of NATO for their defense since they have suffered at the hands of Russia.  The fact is that Russia has faced invaders from Western Europe and Asia for centuries.  Millions of Russians have died at the hands of those invaders, which is why Vladimir Putin is not happy with NATO at his doorstep.  In addition, Ukraine gave up Soviet nuclear weapons under a deal to insure their security signed by Russia, the United States and Western European countries.  The message sent if Ukraine is invaded is you better have nuclear weapons to insure your own security.  And, this is the reason why countries like North Korea, Iran and Israel insist on having nuclear weapons.  

What is really dumb about all of this is that Russia, a Christian and European nation should be part of NATO because the real enemy also on their border is China.  So instead by encircling Russia with NATO, we force them into a grand alliance with China.  We need a Ronald Reagan moment.  We should invite Russia to join NATO to solve the Ukraine problem.  There is no other solution; otherwise there will be war in Europe to benefit the Military Industrial Complex once again and then what!  

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