Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat ) Fancy Nancy Pelosi Running For Reelection "For The Children"

81 year old Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Fancy Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco announced that she is running for reelection "for the children".  In making the announcement, it is pretty clear that she had her botox shots this week to allow for her freakish smile.  If Pelosi wins it will be her 19th term in office.  This woman is an old Deep State Dinosaur Swamp Lizard  Of course, the Socialists are likely to lose the Congress in 2022 so Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House.  

And, the Communists in her party are likely to demand that she step down from leadership in favor of a younger person of color to lead the Socialist Party in the House as Minority Leader.  When that happens Fancy Nancy will finally retire so that one of her daughters can be appointed by Governor Gavin Gruesome, a relative to finish out her term and start the Pelosi process all over again.  Pelosi knows she has to go because her husband has made millions of dollars on stock trades, which would be subject to investigation by the Republicans if they take back the Congress and she remains in office. 

What is really funny is that Pelosi claims she is "running for the children".  Really! This is the woman who supports abortion right up until birth and even after even though she claims to be a devout Roman Catholic, which would be in violation of her faith.  Pelosi is an evil Trump Hater; but she not only hates Trump, she hates the 75 million Americans who legally voted for Trump.  Pelosi persists in the Big Lie that Joe Biden actually won the election without voter fraud.  Half the country knows very well that the election was stolen from Donald Trump by Socialist Fascists, RINOS, Fake News, Big companies including Big Tech and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  And, the Big Steal actually began the day Trump came down the escalator in 2016 to announce he was running for President and it continues to this day.  This cabal has tried everything to destroy Donald Trump and they are still trying to prevent him from running for reelection in 2024.  Guess what! Trump will prevail long after Fancy Nancy is gone.     

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