Sunday, January 30, 2022

Reparations - A Crazy Idea That Should Never Happen

Many Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and their supporters push for the descendants of slaves to be paid reparations for the discrimination they suffered before and after slavery ended.  They often base their claim on the monies that were paid to the Japanese Americans put in resettlement camps by Franklin Roosevelt after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.  The problem with this connection is that those monies were actually paid to people who suffered the loss of everything themselves, not people five generations later.

Further, if we are going down this road virtually every immigrant group suffered discrimination regardless of race or nationality at the hands of White American Protestants.  What is often forgotten is that the Ku Klux Klan hated Blacks, Catholics, Jews and Immigrants many of whom were White.  The were an equal opportunity hate group.  And, while millions of immigrants that came to America were not slaves, they might as well have been because they worked in sweatshops, mills, farms, mines and on construction projects like building the continental railroad and the Panama Canal for slave wages with terrible working conditions.  Many of them died in the process.   So, if reparations are paid, should the descendants of these immigrants also receive reparations for their pain and suffering.  

What should have happened after the slaves were freed is that each adult should have been given ten acres of land, a mule and $500, a lot of money for the times to start a new life out West.  Or, for those who opted to do so, perhaps a $500 each to go back to Africa.  Obviously, neither of these things happened.  The good news is that though many Blacks are still living in poverty, many others have experienced the American Dream.  So if reparations were paid, should successful Blacks not receive any of this money.  How about Blacks of mixed race.  Should they receive reparations.  

The fact is that since the New Deal and the Great Society, the American people have spent trillions of dollars for past mistakes and discrimination by funding Welfare, Food Stamps, Public Education, College Scholarships and all sorts of government entitlements and programs to address poverty.  Reparations are a crazy idea that should never happen because it cannot be done equitably.  Instead, we need to provide all Americans with the opportunity to live the American dream that is built on hard work.  We continue to work on fighting discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origins, or sexual orientation in order to form a more perfect union.  This is the best way to deal with past discrimination.  

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