Saturday, January 29, 2022

Bridge Collapse In Pittsburgh - What A Coincidence

On the very day, feckless Joe Biden went to Pittsburgh to congratulate himself for getting the $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill enacted, a bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh.  Can this just be a coincidence.  It is highly suspicious.  In any case, Biden keeps talking about all the thousands of infrastructure projects that will be completed all over the United States because of his infrastructure legislation.  I know it is $1.2 Trillion; but how far can it go especially since a big junk of it is supposed to go for Green New Deal spending not infrastructure projects.  

It is true that we do need major improvements to our airports, water systems, highways, bridges, grid system, schools, broadband extension in rural areas etc., but the real question is how come.  Certainly, the 50% of Americans that pay all the taxes in our country have paid our fair share for decades.  So why is our infrastructure falling apart.  The answers are pretty simple.  Driven by the Military Industrial Complex and the Deep State Swamp, we have been involved in endless foreign wars for more than 100 years.  The US has troops in more than 100 countries.  

In addition, because we have had an America Last policy for years before President Trump, and do once again under Feckless Biden,  we have given away trillions of dollars to support other countries at the expense of our own people and country.  It has to stop.  Europe can defend itself. 

And finally, entitlements are out of control.  Since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, entitlements have grown dramatically including all the monies we spend to support illegal aliens in our country.  We pay people not to work.  We really saw this in action during the Covid crisis.  People were paid additional monies in unemployment benefits so much so that when the economy started coming back, they would not go back to work.  In addition, we have bloated government at all levels, local, state and federal.  We just have too many people working for government in high paying jobs feeding at the trough.

So here we are.  We have a crumbling infrastructure because government has wasted trillions of dollars for decades on other things.  It is that simple.  Bridges don't make noise until they come tumbling down.  Wars and people make noise demanding our resources.  Politicians of both parties and Deep State Swamp Lizards have been more than happy to oblige because it has been their ticket to staying in power.  Most important, don't expect the recent Infrastructure legislation to do too much to solve the problem.  A lot of that money will be lost because of  waste, fraud and abuse.  Government is the most inefficient way to spend money.  We have learned that lesson the hard way for decades.  

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