Thursday, January 6, 2022

January 6th - Anniversary Of The Big Steal

Since the day Donald Trump came down the escalator and throughout his entire Presidency, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), RINOS, Fake News, Big Business including Big Tech and the Deep State in the DC Swamp were out to destroy Trump and his Presidency.  There was the bogus Russia Hoax, which was actually implemented by Crooked Hillary.  It resulted in the Mueller investigation that went nowhere.  Then there were two Impeachment trials.  And, now the January 6th Committee Circus, which is really Impeachment Trial number 3.   

This cabal fears Donald Trump because they know if he decides to run again, he will get the Republican nomination and he will rightfully be elected to his second term, which was stolen from him.  Quemala Harris compared the January 6th riot to December 7th, the attack on Pearl Harbor and September 11, the attack on World Trade Center each of which resulted in the murder of about 3,000 people.  That comparison is ridiculous.  The only person murdered on January 6th was Ashley Babbitt, a war veteran among the rioters.  Instead of bringing the country together, Joe Biden gave a a highly partisan speech decrying the January 6th riot and calling it an "Insurrection" when in fact of the 700 people arrested for their illegal entry into the Capitol, none have been charged with Insurrection because the burden of proof to make that claim is just not there.  

To be clear, the riot that occurred on January 6th was wrong, but it was the culmination of the attacks on the Trump Presidency over a five year period.  Patriotic Americans believed they were fighting to save Democracy in our country.  Half the country to this day believes that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and that Biden was elected as a result of election fraud that took place in a hand full of states by virtue of using the Covid Pandemic to illegally manipulate election laws.  That is surely what happened.  So while the Deep State out to destroy Trump focuses on the January 6th riot, they are perfectly fine with BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioting, looting and burning down cities, government buildings and businesses causing billions of dollars in damages, hundreds of injuries and deaths.  Matter of fact, Quemala Harris donated millions of dollars to cover bail money to get these Terrorists out of jail.  None have effectively been prosecuted to date.  

So now those that were out to destroy Donald Trump over the five year period are attempting to codify the fraud that took place in 2020 by enacting federal Voter Laws to include the ability to mail out millions of unsolicited ballots, get rid of voter ID, counting ballots for weeks after the election to get the desired totals, destroying the chain of custody to insure that ballots cast are legal and allowing for ballot harvesting.  These were all the things that resulted in the fraud that elected Joe Biden.  We can't allow these things to happen ever again, which is why states controlled by Republicans are putting election integrity laws in place.  

If the Socialist Fascists succeed in enacting their corrupt Voter Laws, our democracy is over.  January 6th will go down as the anniversary of the Big Steal.  That is how it will be acknowledged forever by half the country that knows fraud was the basis for electing feckless, senile Joe Biden as President.  

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