Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Flip Flop Fauci & Covid Fatigue

80 year old, Mr. Science, Anthony Fauci is the highest paid Swamp Lizard in DC earning more than $400,000 a year about the same as the President.  Nobody ever heard of Fauci before Covid.  Now we see him on TV daily telling us his latest story about Mandates, Quarantines and Vaccinations.  The reality is that nobody is listening because his story keeps changing.  And, being vaccinated with a booster is no guarantee related to catching Covid.  Fully vaccinated people are catching Covid all over the country; though presumably the cases are less severe.  

Now, teacher unions in various parts of the country are demanding that public schools go back to remote learning.  Many colleges and universities are doing just that.  Blue States, now known as Slave States are putting more Covid related Mandates and rules in place to make life miserable for many people and businesses.  Fortunately, Governors in Red States also known as Free States are ignoring Fauci and going on business as usual.  We learn now that Biden is withholding therapeutic treatments from the Red States as punishment.  

The fact is that we have had it.  There is tremendous Covid Fatigue all over the country.  We must get back to some semblance of normal, which is why thousands of people are moving from Blue Slave States to Red Free States.  Most recently, it has been a pleasure to be in Texas, a Free State.  Very few people wear masks in Texas because it is not a requirement.  Life is going on business as usual.  No doubt, there will be Covid cases in Texas just like in all the Blue Slave States; but people in Texas are dealing with it.  The same thing is happening in Florida and other Red Free States.  

Most important, Fauci, the Flip Flopper is being ignored no matter what the rules are.  Nobody cares what Fauci has to say because his credibility is shot.  Fauci has just cried Wolf too many times.  It is time for Fauci to retire.  He will basically collect his current salary in retirement, so other than seeking the limelight from Fake News, there is no reason for Fauci to continue to working.  Believe me, Fauci needs to go.  It will be Good Riddance to the Grim Reaper.   

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