Friday, January 7, 2022

Incompetent Quemala Harris Meltdown

We see an incompetent Quemala Harris daily.  One can only imagine how bad it is as her staff members continue to depart.  As of now, 6 have left to end working for her.  Keep in mind, they are giving up cushy, high paying jobs that most Deep Swamp Lizards would kill their mothers to get so her management style must be really, really bad.  Harris was supposed to be the Border Tzar and yet she is goes nowhere near the Border on a regular basis.  Who can blame her.  Harris does not want to be associated with failure as 2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country since Biden took office in 2021.   

Recently, Harris compared the January 6th Riot and it was a Riot not an insurrection to the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor or the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center that killed thousands of people.  That comparison was ridiculous especially since the only person killed by a Capitol Cop, who panicked that day was Ashley Babbitt, a war veteran and a Trump Supporter.  

We can tell when Harris is in trouble when she answers a question with that nervous hyena laugh of hers that is really irritating.  This would all be very funny except that she is Vice President and next in line to the Presidency.  Joe Biden is old, feckless and senile.  Many days, Biden does not even know his name.  Biden could drop dead tomorrow since he has suffered aneurysms in the past.  Quemala Harris is a heartbeat and brain wave away from being President when Harris has proven daily that she is not even qualified to be Vice President.  All of this is very scary and dangerous for our nation.  As bad as Biden is let's just hope they keep him alive because Quemala Harris is just not ready nor capable of being President.  

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