Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK's Legacy - Not Rioting, Looting, Burning Down Cities, Or Election Fraud

As we recognize Martin Luther King on MLK day, it would be good for those advocating for more civil rights to study what made MLK great.  MLK was completely opposed to violence.  MLK used peaceful protests to end Jim Crow laws in the South and achieve increased voting rights protections for people of color.  Certainly, MLK would be appalled at BLM and Antifa rioting, looting and burning down cities because it is counter productive.  If anything it guarantees a negative reaction to the cause of advancing civil rights.  MLK's legacy was the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which allowed for electing thousands of people of color all over the United States legally including a President and Vice President.  

The so called voter rights laws that Socialist Fascists are now pushing would destroy election integrity and in doing so our democracy.  Why is Voter ID a problem.  We have to present our ID to travel, cash checks, enter various building etc.  Is the implication that people of color are too stupid to have ID even for people who don't drive.  How is that even possible in our society today.  My mother who never drove had the equivalent of a driver's license as ID. 

And, why should we assume that people of color can't make it to a local place to vote in their precinct when they have been doing it for years.  Unless someone is in the military and assigned outside the United States, sick, old or infirm, requiring an absentee ballot with identification to get it,  why can't people of color show up to vote like everybody else.  That assertion is ridiculous. 

And, why can't all American citizens regardless of color who are eligible to vote register to vote.  Honestly, those advocating for various voter laws are saying that people of color are just too stupid or lazy to register to vote.  Again, that assertion is ridiculous.  Yes, we should make voting easy to do and accessible to all; but I highly doubt that MLK was asking for special privileges for people of color.  MLK was only asking for equal protection under the law and that the same rules should apply to everyone who is an American citizen.  We do need to make sure that every vote cast is a legal vote and not an act of fraud to protect election integrity.  Illegal aliens and other non citizens should not be voting in our elections.  MLK never pushed for that to happen.  

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