Thursday, January 20, 2022

America First Republicans Have A Plan For America

Feckless Joe Biden claims that Republicans don't stand for anything.  That may be true about RINOS; but Trump America First Republicans are for Energy Independence, Secure Borders, Strong Military, Fair Trade, Freedom of Speech and Religion, the Right to Bear Arms, taking back our Public Schools, Supporting Law Enforcement, the Right to Life, Term Limits and Election Integrity.  These are the things President Trump focused on successfully during his Presidency.  

This is why Never Trumpers are so intent on destroying Donald Trump.  Socialist Fascists and RINOS oppose the America First Trump agenda.  Trump was one of our most successful Presidents.  We see that very clearly now that Joe Biden has been President for a year.  It has been national disaster.  Let's Go Brandon!!

Sadly, swamp lizards like Senator Mitch McConnell are not able to communicate this America First message very well, which is why he must be replaced as the leader of Republicans in the Senate.  We need leaders of the Republican Party who support Trump's America First agenda.  We oppose everything Woke Socialist Fascists, RINOS, Fake News, Big Companies including Big Tech, Teacher Unions and Deep State Swamp Lizards support.  The divide in our country has never been greater since the Civil War.  What we have are irreconcilable differences so compromise on many of these issues is impossible, which is why RINOS must be primaried.  

America First Republicans are very clear about the policies we will support when we regain control of the Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.  None of this is a secret.  These things were all happening during the Trump Presidency.  And, whether Trump decides to run or not in 2024, a Trump Republican will get the nomination.  We know what we want.  No more establishment RINOS.  They are over.  

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