Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Biden's Promise To Shut Down Covid - Not Happening

Of the many broken promises Joe Biden made during the campaign, his most often was the whole basis for his message to "Shut Down Covid" not shut down the country.   So how is that working today; not so good.   Even though about 80% of the people in the country have been vaccinated and even boosted,  Covid cases are going through the roof.  And, it is not just unvaccinated people getting Covid as Biden contends with some ending up in the hospital, vaccinated people are getting Covid too.  Presumably, those that have been vaccinated are getting mild cases of the new strains; but that too remains to be seen as these cases unfold.  

Biden criticized Trump for not having enough of everything to combat Covid the most important of which were tests.  Well guess what?  People are looking to get tested and there are not enough tests available to accommodate everyone who wants a test.  While Trump initiated Project Warpspeed to produce vaccines in just 9 months that were supposed to take years, Biden has been asleep at the wheel in Delaware at his beach house related to getting millions of tests out and available.  

So now teacher unions in some cities like Chicago and others in Blue Slave States are forcing public schools to go back to online learning, which is worthless.  The same thing is happening at many colleges and universities.  It is time for Biden to have a Sister Souljah moment and tell his teacher union buddies to get their asses back in those classrooms, or stop being paid.  Of course, it will never happen because Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions.  This demonstrates clearly that teacher unions do not represent the interests of students, parents, or taxpayers.  They love online learning, or the lack thereof because teachers work a few hours a day and get paid for full time employment.  It has to stop. 

Further, many Blue Slave States are imposing more Mandates to get vaccinated and wear masks on pain of losing jobs, when in fact many hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, restaurants, stores etc or under staffed now.  It is crazy.  Again, feckless Joe Biden needs to demand that everybody get back to work and stop all the mandate BS because getting vaccinated is no guarantee against catching Covid anyway.  

Live by the sword, die by the sword.  Biden promised to "Shut Down Covid', which has not happened.  For this and many other failures, Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet.  Republicans are going to take back the Congress in 2022, which will effectively end the Biden Presidency, which can't happen soon enough.  

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