Sunday, January 2, 2022

Supporting Election Integrity Is Not Voter Suppression

Half the country believes that Joe Biden was elected as a result of election fraud in the Big Steal to deny President Trump reelection.  It happened as a result of new rules imposed by Blue State Governors under the guise of the Covid emergency.  Voter identification was eliminated.   Millions of unsolicited ballots were mailed out to everyone on voter roles that ever existed including the dead.  Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg donated over $400 million to Socialist Fascist organizations that employed thousands of Vote Navigators in key states to harvest those ballots that were placed in unsecure drop off boxes. 

While President Trump received about 75 million legal votes, a record for any sitting President, Joe Biden received enough illegal votes through this process to carry 4 or 5 states by just enough votes that came in after polls were closed so that he won the Electoral College and Popular Vote.  The fact is no candidate running for President who carried Ohio, Florida and Texas all of which Trump carried by big percentages has ever lost the Presidency, which makes what happened in 2020 very suspicious.  

As such, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in Congress are desperate to pass federal laws that would make all the shenanigans that happened in 2020 the law of the land.  If they were successful in putting these procedures in place, Red State Governors and Attorney Generals would immediately file cases in court to stop them because what they are proposing is unconstitutional.  In the meantime, many states controlled by Republican state legislatures and Governors have moved to clean up their voter laws by including Voter Identification, ending unsolicited mail in ballots, prohibiting ballot harvesting and securing drop off boxes to control the chain of custody of the ballots.  These are common sense measures to insure election integrity.  

Of course, Socialist Fascists cry voter suppression because they know that Biden won by voter fraud, which they want to continue in the future.  If we don't have election integrity our democracy is over.  And if our democracy is over, our country is over.  Red States will pull out of the union.   We will never tolerate what happened in 2020 again.  The January 6th riot at the Capitol was in response to the fraud that took place in 2020.  It shows what could happen again if half the country loses faith in our electoral system.  We can't let that happen, which is why election integrity laws are so important.  


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