Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Veterans Affairs Heads Rolling - Many More Should Be Fired

The Veterans Affairs Department has announced that four high level VA executives have been fired over the Veterans Affairs Scandal; though one was actually a retirement.  Clearly, VA management needs to follow the trail and really clean house of all of those administrators who participated in fraudulently cooking the books, reporting better metrics than were true, to steal money in bonuses from the American taxpayer.   The VA is a huge organization.   This fraud could not have happened without the involvement of dozens, if not hundreds of people.  All of them need to be FIRED.  Some of them should be prosecuted and sent to jail.   Of course, none of this is going to happen.

Aside from stealing from the American people, Veterans died because they were not able to get the medical care they needed.  Some of these VA administrators are guilty of contributing to those deaths and should be held accountable.  Certainly, civil lawsuits are in order against not only these individuals at the VA; but the federal government for the mismanagement that resulted in these deaths.

In addition, rather than privatize the VA and giving VETS government insurance cards that would allow them to go to any doctor, or hospital, the very notion that both Socialists and Republicans voted to provide the VA with billions more in taxpayer dollars to grow the VA even bigger is ridiculous. Unfortunately, failure is always rewarded in the federal government.  In this case, it was criminal failure.   VA Hospitals should be sold off to private health care companies.  There is absolutely no reason for the government to be in the business of providing health care services directly.   Medicare works through the private system for more than 50 million Americans.   There is no reason why the Medicare Advantage Program could not work for Veterans, allowing them to go to any doctor, or hospital in the country.   It is time to get rid of Veterans Hospitals to provide Veterans the options they deserve.   Given the fraud, waste and abuse in federal government spending, odds are pretty good it will cost the American taxpayer less money and VETS will get better medical services; a win, win for all concerned. 

P.S.  A previous post regarding comments by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, concerning Muslims living in Australia, turned out to be a hoax.   I can only wish Gillard had said what she was supposed to have said telling Muslims, as immigrants, to adapt to Australian Laws, Customs and traditions, or leave the country.   Turns out these comments did not come from her.  Too bad.  This post has been pulled off my Blog, since it apparently did not happen as described. 

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