Sunday, October 5, 2014

Obama Threatens Israel Over Settlements In East Jerusalem

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama threatened Israel related to a new apartment complex being built in East Jerusalem.  Of course, Obama always draws meaningless lines in the sand so his threats don't mean much; but the very notion that Israeli's are not supposed to develop land in their national Capital is ridiculous.  Yes, there are Arabs that live in East Jerusalem; but so what.  There are Arabs, who are Israeli citizens, that live in various parts of Israel proper.  Israel is a pluralistic, democratic society with Christians, Muslims, Jews and non believers living in close proximity to each other, no different than occurs in the United States, or many other Western countries.

This problem exists because of the so called two state solution that still lingers in some people's minds, presumably that would allow part of Jerusalem to be the Capital of Palestine.   This is never going to happen.   The two state solution should be abandoned and the sooner the better.  The West Bank should be given back to Jordan, with Amman as its Capital.   The Gaza Strip should be given back to Egypt with Cairo as its Capital.   Palestinians are Sunni Arabs, no different than Jordanians, or Egyptians.   These two countries have governed these lands in the past, so why change now. 

It is time for a different approach to peace in the Middle East.  Obviously, the two state solution has not led to peace, so why continue down this road.  We need new ideas that will bring peace and prosperity to the region.  Clearly, Palestinians have proven over decades that they cannot govern themselves.  Palestinians don't even get along with each other.  They need to be part of Jordan and Egypt as the common sense solution to bring peace to the Middle East.   Jerusalem should be an international city, as the Capital of Israel, open to all visitors living in peace with Israel.   Muslims should be able to go there, no different than Christians to visit the Holy Sites.  This is the only way we will see peace in the Middle East.   

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