Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Defense Secretary Orders Quarantine For Returning Military

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered a 21 day Quarantine for American soldiers returning from Ebola infested West Africa.  This is just common sense.  So why did the Obama Administration pressure the Governors of New York, New Jersey and Illinois to stop their 21 Day Quarantine policy.  It is clear that one Obamanista hand does not know what the other Obamanista hand is doing.  It is time for the United States to issue a travel ban, the same as 30 other countries, for people coming from West Africa until the Ebola epidemic is brought under control.  Very few Visas should be issued, if any. 

Military personnel and health care workers going to West Africa to fight the Ebola epidemic should travel back and forth on military aircraft, rather than by commercial aircraft, to prevent exposure to the general public.  And then when these people return from West Africa, they should be Quarantined for 21 days, in comfortable quarters, with no exception.  Obamanistas need to put in place a coherent policy that is based on common sense, not some politically correct nonsense. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is clueless on so many issues, Ebola being one of them.  Why risk one American life needlessly in this process.  It is enough that our military and health care workers face this risk to stop this epidemic in Africa.   We should not expose one more American than necessary to this horrible disease.   What we see is government failure after failure.  Obama's failure to put in place a coherent policy concerning Ebola is just one more example. 

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