Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ebola - Quarantine Should Be Mandatory

Since Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has failed to put in place an effective policy to deal with the Ebola threat, the Governors of New Jersey, New York and Illinois, points of entry from West Africa, have ordered a 21 day Quarantine for anyone coming from these countries that have been exposed to Ebola to make sure they are not infected.   That was yesterday.   The Obama Administration has pressured them to remove it.  Governor Cuomo of New York has complied with Obama's request.  Governor Christie of New Jersey is holding firm for now.  As of this Blog Posting,  it is unclear what the Socialist Governor of Illinois will do.  Though there should be a travel ban to stop people from coming from West Africa, until that happens, this Quarantine should be mandatory in all cases.  It is just common sense.

The reality is that what we are hearing from federal government health agencies continues to change.  We don't know for sure how the Ebola virus is transmitted and apparently neither do they.  The fact that health care workers, that did wear protective garb while dealing with infected people, have contracted Ebola is puzzling.   Particularly since the family of the Liberian man who came to America with Ebola and died did not contract Ebola, even though they remained in their apartment for three days with contaminated surfaces, bedding and towels.

The American people have a right to be skeptical of anything we hear from Obama federal government officials that regularly LIE.   The Obama federal government has failed in so many areas to get it right; that what they are telling us about this Ebola threat must be viewed as questionable.   Since Obama has failed to deal with this threat properly by ordering a travel ban, the Governors of various states should step in to protect their citizens.  Let's see if they do. 

Only American health care workers and members of our military should be going to West Africa to combat Ebola; but on US military planes to control exposure to the American public.  Upon return, these Americans should absolutely be quarantined for 21 days to make sure none is bringing back the Ebola virus.   There absolutely should be a travel ban otherwise that prohibits Americans from coming and going and anyone from West Africa from coming to the United States with very few exceptions.   To do otherwise is to expose the American people to the Ebola epidemic.   It is time for common sense, something that is rare among Obamanistas, to prevail.   How many more cases do we need to see in America before Socialist President Obama gets it right. 

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