Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hillary Clinton - "Businesses Don't Create Jobs"

In trying to play to the Communist wing of the Socialist Party, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said in a recent speech that "Businesses Don't Create Jobs".  This is right in line with President Pinocchio Obama's statement in referring to businesses, when he said "You Didn't Build That".  Honestly, these Socialists that have never worked in the real world are clueless when it comes to creating economic growth and job creation.  Hillary Clinton has been on a government payroll, one way or another for about 30 years.   What the hell does Hillary Clinton know about creating jobs. 

Let's not forget that government is the problem and rarely the solution.  We have surely seen this adage during the Obama Presidency.  If anything, government is a Job Killer that imposes high taxes to pay for government politicians and workers feeding at the trough.  And, government continues to implement regulations that are killing whole industries and forcing companies to shift jobs overseas.  The fact is that business in America often succeeds in spite of government, not because of it.   Most jobs are created by Small Businesses as about 70% of Americans work for small companies.   These companies struggle everyday to deal with high taxes and government regulations just to stay in business. 

Hillary Clinton and the Socialist Party of America just don't get it.  We need limited government, lower taxes and less regulations to see real economic growth and job creation again in America.  As it is now, the Obama economy is barely keeping up with population growth.   We need to see 4% or greater growth in our Gross Domestic Product every year to see real job growth.  It has not happened during Obama's six years in office because of Obama failed Socialist Schemes.  Obamanistas are all job killers.   We had some hope that Hillary Clinton was smarter and perhaps different; but apparently once a Socialist, always a Socialist.   

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