Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola - Another Government Failure In The Making

The majority of the American people have lost all faith in the ability of the Obama federal government to solve problems.  And, no wonder.  We have seen failure after failure, with ObamaCare at the top of the list.   We have been lied to repeatedly by both elected officials, including Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and all his pals in Congress, as well as, appointed officials like LIAR Attorney General Eric Holder, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States and all the characters at the IRS, Veterans Affairs, NSA, EPA and the State Department.  As a result of all the Obama Scandals, we see the waste, fraud, abuse and all the crooks and liars in government feeding at the trough, at taxpayer expense.  And, now comes Thomas Frieden, head of the Center For Disease Control trying to assure us that we have little to fear from Ebola.  Oh really!!

A nurse in Dallas has contracted Ebola from her contact with the Liberian man, who lied and came to our country with the disease.  His family is now suing the hospital, claiming that they somehow caused his death.  Outrageous!  This particular nurse wore the protective garb that is prescribed by all the medical brainaics and yet somehow, nobody can really say how, she now has Ebola.  Frieden at the CDC is saying that she did not follow the protocol for dealing with infectious diseases.  I guess that means that when she took off the protective garb that she came into contact with the virus, which can live on surfaces for some number of hours.  As a result, we are likely to see other infected people in the Dallas area.  And, why on earth would anyone working at a hospital in the US want to expose themselves and their families and friends to this disease; unless and until we have a better understanding of all the ways the disease can be transmitted.  Thomas Frieden at CDC appears clueless. 

While technically Ebola is not supposed to be an airborne virus, just yet, that is a fallacy because if someone with Ebola coughs or sneezes, the liquid that is spewed forward can be a source of contagion.   The CDC has taken the politically correct position that it is not necessary to stop all travel coming from West Africa.  That is just plain crazy.   It is estimated that about 13,000 Visa are issued each year to people coming from these Ebola infested West African countries to the United States.  That is 13,000 chances to bring the epidemic to the United States.  Those odds are just too high. 

We need to assist those West African countries with combating Ebola in those countries to stop the epidemic; but we absolutely should stop allowing travel into our country from those countries NOW.  Clearly, there are airlines that have stopped travel to West Africa because they do want to expose their employees and passengers to the virus.  Other nations, including many in Africa, have already stopped entry into their countries.  It is time for the US to do the same. 

The argument that this will somehow harm the economies of these West African countries must be a secondary concern, when compared to the likely spread of this deadly disease all over the world. Besides, business can continue as usual through conference and video calls.  At this point, we cannot believe the Center For Disease Control actively trying to downplay this threat.  This appears to be another government failure and cover up happening before our very eyes.  Sadly, more Americans will die if we continue to allow this travel from West Africa into our country.  In the mean time, Obama went golfing right after he took a call concerning Ebola.  So what's new. 

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