Thursday, October 16, 2014

Socialists Working Their PEEP's For The Upcoming Election

Since US Socialists cannot run on their failed Socialist Schemes designed to create bigger government, higher taxes and more regulations and to kill jobs through environmental wacko actions, they have to work their PEEP's to get out the vote by highlighting other emotional issues.   So every election cycle, they rally union members, those on the dole, minorities, single women many with children and radical feminists, environmental wackos, trial lawyers and crony capitalists. 

It is actually pretty funny because in the weeks just before an election, Socialists go down the list of issues important to these single issue voters.  Let me count the way:

1. Union Members - Socialist promote union membership, even though it often kills jobs, as US companies have moved those jobs overseas.  Most important, they promise higher compensation and benefits to public employee union members, well beyond what is common in the private sector, even if it means bankrupting our country.

2. Those On the Dole - Socialists make it easier for people to go on Food Stamps and Welfare to pay them off.  Since Obama was elected, this group has grown by 20 million to about 48 million.  Disability Benefits have grown by 2 million to about 10 million.  So by killing jobs, Socialists get more people on the Dole to buy votes.

3. Minorities - Socialists paint Republicans as supporters of Slavery even though it was Republican Congressional Votes that President Johnson used to pass Civil Rights Legislation.  And, let's not forget, it was President Lincoln, a Republican, who ended slavery.  Specific to Hispanics, Socialist scare them into believing that Republicans want to deport them all.  Ridiculous.

4. Single Women and Radical Feminists - Socialists will claim that Republicans want to stop all their abortions and birth control pills even though none of this is true.  And, it has often been Republican appointed Supreme Court judges who have ruled in favor of an unlimited right to Abortion, much to the chagrin of those of us that support reasonable limits.

5. Environmental Wackos -  Socialists support destroying whole industries, like coal and forestry, among many others to please their Environmental Wacko supporters, even though it is pushing more manufacturing jobs outside the US and destroying the Middle Class in America that Socialists claim to champion. 

6.  Trial Lawyers - Socialists oppose limits on Medical Malpractice Cases and frivolous lawsuits to please their Trial Lawyer donors.   This is costing  business billions of dollars every year and killing jobs.

7.  Crony Capitalists -  There are many American companies, feeding at the trough, with all kinds of special government deals and tax incentives that benefit them to the tune of billions of dollars.   It is a big part of the corruption that exists in Washington DC and many state capitols, perpetrated by lobbyists, as these companies donate campaign contributions to their political benefactors.  To be fair both corrupt Republicans and Socialists benefit from Crony Capitalism. 

And, so here we go again.   We will see millions of dollars spent on single issue advertising, directed at their PEEP's, to get out the Socialist Vote.   What is really surprising is that these constituencies buy it every time.  Can they really be that stupid to not see through all the Socialist propaganda.   The answer is Yes.  Let's not forget Obama was elected twice and many Socialist politicians have been in office for decades stealing from the American people.      

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