Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Socialist Election Year Strategy - Not An Accident

It would seem very stupid for Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to make statements like the election is all about his policies, even though he is not on the ballot, or confirming that Socialist Members of Congress always vote with him.  Of course this is all true, but given that Obama is so unpopular in most states, particularly Red States where Socialists are trying to hold on to their seats, it would seem pretty dumb for Obama to give Republicans the fodder they need to tie Socialist candidates to Obama; or is it?

Obama has told these Socialist candidates to do, or say whatever they must to get elected, or re-elected.  That is nothing new because everybody knows that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  But the fact is that by nationalizing the election and making it an Obama election, even though the President is not on the ballot, Obama is trying desperately to get his PEEP's, particularly Blacks to the polls that put him over the top twice.  Right now with Black unemployment high and double White unemployment, Blacks cannot be too enthusiastic about voting for anyone. 

Since the anti-Obama vote will go to the polls, Socialists are trying to play two games to get their PEEP's to the polls.   Socialist candidates will not utter the word Obama, particularly in Red States, unless they are saying they don't support the President's failed policies.  Some will not even admit to voting for Obama, which is really humerous.  Problem for them is that  all Socialist candidates voted to support Obama Socialist Schemes, in some cases 95 - 100% of the time, so their lies are obvious.  Socialist candidates are running from Obama like rats off a sinking ship; but it is very hard to do since without them there would have been no ObamaCare, or SwindleUS Plans. 

At the same time, Obama is telling his PEEP's not to worry that Socialist candidates are really with them no matter what they are saying on the campaign stump.  This might be workable, except for instant media that broadcasts all the pronouncements.   This Blogger believes that Obama really does not care if Republicans gain complete control of the Congress because he wants to use it as an excuse to rule by dictatorial Executive Orders.   And, there is probably some hope that Republicans will over reach in the next two years by doing some dumb stuff, which could better position Socialists for the 2016 elections.   In any case, none of this is happening by accident.  Socialists are trying to have it both ways in a last minute desperate attempt to hold on to the majority in the US Senate.   We will know on November 4 if this Socialist strategy worked. 

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