Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fast & Furious - The Obama Holder Cover Up

Socialist President Obama has asserted Executive Privilege over 15,000 documents related to Fast and Furious, the Obama/Holder Scandal, when the government sold guns to the drug cartel in Mexico.  Some of those guns were used to murder both Americans and Mexicans.  So even though a court has ordered disclosure, Obamanistas refuse to allow these documents to be released.  Why?  What do they have to hide.  Apparently, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is in this fiasco up to his ears.  Though Holder will be leaving office shortly, as soon as a new Attorney General is confirmed, it is pretty obvious that Holder was directly involved in Fast and Furious despite his denials.   Remember, this is the Attorney General who has been held in Contempt of Congress for committing perjury during Congressional testimony.  Holder should be going to jail, not a cushy retirement and $100,000 speaking engagements, which is likely. 

But why should anyone be surprised by any of this.   Obamanistas are playing out the clock on all the Obama Scandals; Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, Veterans Affairs, NSA Spying on all Americans, ObamaCare, the Secret Service and now Ebola.  There have never been so many liars in any administration in my life time going back to when I was born in 1950.  The President, who promised us the most transparent Administration in American history, has given us the most deceitful.  No wonder the American people are so down on Obama as only his die hard PEEP's, about 35% of the people, still support this incompetent, dishonest President. 

Even Socialists running for office in this election have conceded that Obama is an ineffective leader.  They won't even been seen with him on the campaign trail.  This latest stunt related to Fast and Furious, just before the election, just confirms that Obama is a LIAR.   Nothing new, but rather just more of the same.   Everyone going to the polls should know that Obama and his failed Socialist Schemes are on the ballot by his own admission.  So, a vote for a Socialist Member of Congress is a vote in support of Obama.  Think about it. 

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