Sunday, October 12, 2014

Islamic Fascists - The Numbers and GITMO

There is no doubt in this Blogger's mind that most Muslims in the world worship a merciful God and do not push their children to become suicide bombers and murderers in the name of Allah.  However, since there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, if just 10% were either Islamic Fascists, or supporters of Islamic Fascists, that do murder in the name of Allah, that would be 106 million Muslims.  If the number was just 1%, there would be 10,600,000 Islamic Terrorists in the world.  Whatever the number is, to say it is a small number of these fanatics involved with ISIS, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Terrorist groups is to deny reality.

To be sure, there are more Islamic Fascists around the world than the combined size of all Western military's and even more than by adding in the military's of China, Russia, India and Japan.   Of course, it is true that advanced military equipment, including surveillance capabilities helps level the playing field, however, acts of Terrorism do not require large armies as we learned with 9/11 and many other murderous assaults on various countries and peoples.   The fact is that Islamic Fascists are fully capable of murdering thousands of other Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and  others as we have seen for the past 30 or more years.   Just imagine if these Islamic Fascists had easy access to nuclear, or biological weapons the deaths of innocent people that they would cause.  

ISIS flies a Black flag in Syria and Iraq.   To Westerners, since the color Black is often associated with evil and death, we should recognize that they are the devil's army killing in the name of God.  For those of us that believe that there is a devil, or certainly evil in the world, how appropriate that they would use the name of God to hide their real benefactor, the devil himself.  So called "moderate" Muslims should stand up and call them what they are; agents and worshippers of the devil, a concept that does exist in the Koran.   Until we see that happening, Muslims are ignoring the evil coming out of their faith.  

While all of this is occurring, the big dope in the White House, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is talking about closing Guantanamo Bay, GITMO, the prison off American shores, by
Executive Order, that we are using to house enemy combatant Terrorists.
  The reason the President is threatening Executive Order is that there is bi-partisan support in Congress to maintain GITMO, as is, rather than bring Terrorists into our prisons in the United States giving them all the Constitutional Rights of an American citizen.  Obama, our smart, stupid President fails to understand that we are at war with Islamic Fascists and this war could last for many years.   We need GITMO as a place to send captured Terrorists, assuming we don't kill them first, which would be preferable.  Obama has a hard time using the word Terrorist in the same speech with the word Islam.  Terrorist acts in the US are sometimes called Work Place Violence by the Obama Justice Department.  That is ridiculous when the Terrorists themselves admit to their ties to ISIS or other Terrorist groups when they kill in the name of Allah.  

To destroy our enemy, Islamic Fascists, we must first recognize the threat.  There are clearly millions of radical Muslims around the world that are Islamic Fascist, agents of the devil, by their own admonition.   Obama, perhaps because of his own Muslim roots, often refuses to accept reality.   It is what it is.  There are millions of radical Muslims that want to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond that would give peoples living in these areas a choice; covert to their brand of Islam, or DIE, sometimes by beheading.  Freedom loving people cannot let that happen even if it means Boots On The Ground to destroy Islamic Fascism.  To bad Dopey Obama just doesn't get it.         

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